About SakhtoSaz Building and Construction Information Center

Thank you for visiting SakhtoSaz.com, Building and Construction B2B Service.
SakhtoSaz.com is mainly intended to bring all Iranian companies in building and construction fields together and provide a base for sharing knowledge, technologies, services and products among them. This is because although most of active companies in Iran are in need for services and products of each other, they are disconnected and suffer limitations in visibility and access.
On the other hand, SakhtoSaz.com will try to highlight potentials of local building and construction providers for consumers abroad and create an effective media for foreign providers to find probable customers and consumers inside Iran. This will be done soon by launching english version of SakhtoSaz.com.
SakhtoSaz is open, and not limited, to all construction and building contractors, transportation and logistics, engineering services, insurance, human resources and training services, machinery and work tools, decoration and design, mechanical installations, prefabricates and all producers, distributors and consumers of building materials, service providers of pre, post and during building and construction activities, to register and publish their abilities and capabilities in this website.
We, in SakhtoSaz Building and Construction Information Center, appreciate any cooperation, help and share of experience.
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